Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Packed Promise program?

A package of shelf-stable food is delivered directly to participants’ doorsteps each month. Packed Promise is available to children who are eligible for free or reduced-cost school lunches. Each food kit is designed to complement school meals by providing balanced choices and supplies one evening meal and two snacks. In addition, included every month is $15 offered via EBT card, to purchase fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables at WIC grocery stores or participating farmers’ markets. The EBT cards are mailed separately.

Does participation in Packed Promise affect government food benefits?

Participation in this program will not affect eligibility for government assistance programs.

How much does it cost to participate?

The program is free to all approved applicants. All food, packaging and shipping is also included at no charge.

Who qualifies for Packed Promise?

Chickasaw students, pre-K through grade 12, who qualify for free or reduced-cost school meals and reside within the Chickasaw Nation boundaries or one of the extended following counties:

  • Atoka
  • Caddo
  • Canadian
  • Cleveland
  • Comanche
  • Cotton
  • Hughes
  • Pittsburg
  • Pottawatomie
  • Seminole

Where can I use my $15 EBT card, and when does it expire?

The $15 EBT cards can be used at grocery stores that accept WIC purchases and participating farmers’ market vendors within the Chickasaw Nation. Use your EBT card to purchase fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. You can see a list of vendors here or find the list included in the food packages.

Do I have to get the same food package every month?

At this time we are able to offer one food package option. We plan to return to multiple choices when supplies are available.

Is there auto-ship, or do I have to call each month?

Yes. Automatic shipments are available. When you complete the first order, you can opt to sign up for automatic shipments for the next three months.

To opt-out of automatic shipments after you have signed up or if you would like to change the automatic shipment order, please call (844) 230-3785 or email

How do participants order the food package?

Enrolled households can order their food package online at or by calling the Packed Promise staff at (844) 230-3785.

Who packages and ships the food boxes?

The Chickasaw Nation partners with the Regional Food Bank in Oklahoma City. A broad network of volunteers helps pack and deliver boxes directly to participants’ doorsteps.

How long does it take for the food box to be delivered?

Your food box will arrive seven to 10 business days after ordered.

How do I learn more?

Call the Packed Promise staff at (844) 230-3785.