In 2024, Packed Promise and Amazon Business built a partnership to bring an exciting offer. Participants can choose from over 250 shelf-stable food selections through Amazon Business online. Approved families are awarded a budget each month to shop online.

As a bonus, a $15 EBT card is mailed for each child in the household to buy fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables at Chickasaw Nation WIC-participating grocery stores or at Chickasaw Nation-participating farmers markets. Also, Osapa Tunowa “Traveling Garden” offers fresh produce every Friday year-round for multiple communities within the Chickasaw Nation boundaries. Participants can purchase these items with their EBT produce card.

During the month of August, families are asked to update their account information for another full year of service.

Background and History

In 2015, Packed Promise began with a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) grant which helped establish the foundation for Packed Promise. We partnered with Feed the Children, and children approved for the program received 15 pounds of shelf stable-food and a $15 FRESH check. Families who received free and reduced-price school lunch meals qualified for this demonstration project.

In 2020, Packed Promise became a fully tribally funded program. We began a partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and families made one monthly selection per child between five food kits. Families who qualified for free or reduced-price school lunch meals qualified for our program. Each approved child received 30 pounds of shelf-stable per food kit and a $15 EBT card for fresh, frozen or canned fruit and vegetables.

Osapa Tunowa, a subsidiary of Packed Promise, began with serving 12 communities across the Chickasaw Nation boundaries. The goal of Osapa Tunowa is to bring fresh fruit and vegetables closer to each Chickasaw community for better shopping convenience and easier FRESH benefit usage.